Final VIR race of the season was big fun thanks to great teams! Results:

1st] Trailer Park Boys, 149 laps completed, fast lap 46.246
2nd] Bimmerworld, 149 laps, fast lap 46.259, 13.8sec gap
3rd] Greensboro Engineering, 148 laps, fast lap 46.827

4th] God’s Last Name is Not Dammit Racing, 148 laps, fast lap 46.590
5th] Madison Motorsports, 147 laps, fast lap 46.329
6th] Indo Pratama All Stars, 145 laps
7th] Fast In Slow Out, 145 laps
8th] Go Kart Mozart, 144 laps
9th] Clark Motorsports, 143 laps
10th] Blue Shell Bandits, 139 laps
11th] Team Joe, 136 laps
12th] What’s Eaton Ya?, 134 laps

We’re back at VIR next year… final race this year is at SPK on Nov 8!