Fun race – not too hot and it hardly rained at all, thanks again y’all!

Our results:

1st] Indo Pratama All Stars, 139 laps completed, fast lap 46.545
2nd] Fast In Slow Out, 138 laps, fast lap 46.608
3rd] God’s Last Name is Not Dammit Racing, 137 laps, fast lap 46.650

4th] Pow Pow Powershift, 137 laps, fast lap 46.538
5th] Madison Motorsports, 135 laps, fast lap 48.144
6th] Greensboro Engineering, 134 laps
7th] MM1, 134 laps
8th] Scuderia Soichiro, 132 laps
9th] Go Kart Mozart, 127 laps
10th] Americal, 127 laps
11th] MM3, 124 laps
12th] MM2, 122 laps

We’re back at VIR in early October… with two SPK races before then!