Final race of the season at SPK was chilly but fun! Results:

1st] Indo Pratama Red Bull, 121 laps completed, fast lap 57.943
2nd] Indo Pratama All Stars, 121 laps, fast lap 57.361, 43.036sec gap
3rd] Pow Pow Powershift, 120 laps, fast lap 57.495

4th] Right Foot Down, 119 laps, fast lap 58.188
5th] Bugin’ Out, 118 laps, fast lap 58.093
6th] Trailer Park Boys, 118 laps
7th] Felton’s Hair Dwyer, 116 laps
8th] Detweiler Racing, 116 laps
9th] Madison Motorsports, 115 laps
10th] 56 Racing, 114 laps
11th] East Coast Kart Champs, 113 laps
12th] Pack Motorsports, 113 laps
13th] Potomac Pools, 110 laps
14th] Jersey Boys, 109 laps
15th] Joshless, 107 laps