Thanks all for a wonderful night of racing, with perfect weather!

Final results:

1st] Indo Pratama All Stars, 118 laps completed, fast lap 58.444
2nd] Pow Pow Powershift, 118 laps, fast lap 59.241, 28.632sec gap
3rd] Right Foot Down, 116 laps, fast lap 59.821

4th] High Wide & Handsome, 116 laps, fast lap 60.127
5th] In Your A–, 116 laps, fast lap 59.572
6th] Eclipsed, 116 laps
7th] Hammer Down, 115 laps
8th] Wesley Pipes, 114 laps
9th] Madison Motorsports, 113 laps
10th] ZZ(J)W, 113 laps
11th] Hanging Margos, 112 laps
12th] I Don’t Know, 111 laps
13th] Mediocrity Durch Technik, 110 laps
14th] Slow Pokes, 105 laps
15th] Black Llama Racing, 105 laps

We only have a few races left, see ya there!