Fun – and very close – race at SPK, despite the weather!

Our results:

1st] We Got The Runs, 65 laps completed, avg lap 70.465
2nd] At Track, 65 laps, avg 70.465, 1.325sec gap
3rd] Right Foot Down, 65 laps, avg 70.640, 9.599sec gap

4th] Spice, 65 laps, avg 71.046, 35.024sec gap
5th] Indo Pratama All Stars, 65 laps, avg 71.362, 58.862 gap
6th] Pow Pow Powershift, 65 laps
7th] Pielli’s Hair Dwyer, 64 laps
8th] Kombat Wombats, 62 laps
9th] I Don’t Know, 61 laps
10th] Madison Motorsports, 60 laps
11th] AC Schnitzel Kart, 60 laps
12th] MADkart, 60 laps
13th] Premature Acceleration, 58 laps
14th] Turtle Eclipse of the Heart, 58 laps
15th] Hunter Street, 57 laps
16th] Damian is Slow, 56 laps
17th] Mario Kart, 54 laps
18th] Poop, 53 laps
19th] Team Finklestein, 49 laps
20th] Banana Split, 48 laps

Thanks again all – let’s do this again in a few weeks, hopefully with no rain!