July 18, 2015 VIR Kart Enduro Podium

Perfect summer night for racing, thank you to all our participants! Results:

1st] Indo Pratama All Stars, 147 laps completed, fast lap 47.060
2nd] Blue Mountain Racing, 146 laps, fast lap 48.971
3rd] Bugin’ Out, 144 laps, fast lap 47.175
4th] GingerSpeed, 144 laps, fast lap 47.673
5th] Team G Force, 142 laps, fast lap 48.114
6th] Fast In Slow Out, 141 laps
7th] Skip Barber School For The Blind, 140 laps
8th] Detwiler Racing, 140 laps
9th] Those Guys, 139 laps
10th] Martinsville Mavericks, 139 laps
11th] PegaUniCone, 138 laps
12th] Mini Team, 134 laps

Our final 2015 race will be:

VIR Sat Oct 10, 6:30p-8:30p
[click here for Oct 10 info & registration]

CLICK HERE for our UPDATED 2015 Championship Points Standings (pdf)